We Aim To Personalize your Shoe Shopping Experience.

We cut out the expensive retail middleman and cold mechanical mass production factory

to bring direct to you a custom product made by passionate individuals.

All at an affordable price!


The Challenge With Shoe Shopping In Singapore

80% of men are wearing the wrong shoe size. Chances are you’re one of them.

Have you ever noticed how tedious or expensive it is to shop for shoes in Singapore? Me too.

Recall your typical shoe shopping experience, it goes something like:

  1. You walk for hours at different departmental and boutique stores,
  2. Fit on countless of shoes
  3. Yet something is always off.


  • The fitting is bad,
  • Its not the right design/color
  • It’s exorbitantly expensive.

Shoe shopping is troublesome, frustrating and time consuming.

At CustomMade, we aim to solve that and bring a new personalized shopping experience to life, all at an affordable price.

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Cutting out the retail middleman

Typical ready to wear shoe brands are marked up about 6 to 8x. 

Traditional custom shoes are considered a luxury item and cost upwards of a thousand dollars. 

We cut out the middleman to go direct to you to offer custom shoes at a truly affordable price. 

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The Limited Options From Mass Produced Shoe Brands

Inventory management is a huge pain for most shoe brands.

Imagine you have 5 shoe designs in 5 colors in 5 sizes (US 8 to 12)

And you want to stock up 5  stock for each option

That is a whopping 625 shoes!

All for a very limited range of style, colors, sizing and inventory.

Rethinking The Process

As we only do Made-To-Order, we do not have any finished inventory.

This offers us the flexibility to provide

  1. Better sizing options 
  2. Wider range of style/colors.
  3. Cuztomizable features – toe shape, sole edges color, medallion toes, etc


our team

we have the most awesome team in the world! 









Sales assistant

Stories behind our shoes

no sweatshop. no mass production factory lines.

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The cold mechanical mass production process in factories is commonplace,

as the traditional craftsman got replaced by machines and operators.

Speed and low cost took over passion and soul.

We believe in providing sustainable and ethical employment for our craftsmen in our workshop.

SHoes made by a team of passionate craftsmen

Our shoes are made by a close-knit team of craftsmen in Indonesia who have hone their craft for a long time.

No Sweatshops. No Mass Production Factory. 

We aim to breathe life and stories into our shoes. 

We believe there is value in them. Not a financial one, but something deeper.

My Story – Donovan (Founder)

Once upon a time, being an Accountancy undergraduate from NTU, i was all set to join the Big 4

But for better or worse, it was not meant to be.

An innocent family vacation to Vietnam has changed my fate..

Chapter 1: My First Custom Shoe

It was in Vietnam, at a nondescript cozy shoe store by the corner of the streets that i first had my CustomMade Experience for shoes.

Having tried shopping for shoes in Singapore, i was impressed by how simple and personalized the whole process was.

Compared to shoe shopping back home at departmental stores.

It took me weeks of shopping and i still cant get a pair of shoes in Singapore but in 20 mins, they solve my problem.

“Custom shoes would do really well in Singapore”, an innocent comment by Daryl, my elder brother.

It struck a nerve.

Little did i know that this innocent comment would change the wheels of fate for me.

Fast forward 2 years, when i graduated from NTU, CustomMade was born.



Chapter 2: The Quest To Find A Manufacturer In Vietnam

After bumming around for a couple of months trying to figure out what i wanted,

i bought a one way ticket down to Vietnam to explore the idea.

The sole purpose was to find a reliable manufacturer for custom shoes.

With nothing but an idea, i spend 2 months there searching and it paid off!

I found a workshop that agreed to help me out.

Of course it was not pure searching… the coffee was good, the beers were cheap and the parties were fun!

Chapter 3: Humble Beginnings – Selling Shoes From My Room

Rent is not cheap in Singapore.

Being a bootstrapped unemployed graduate then, i didn’t have much cash flow to get a space.

So i decided to sell shoes from my room. I literally invited people to my room to check out my shoes.

I was self conscious at first but i got over it quickly as things picked up.


Chapter 4: Things Grew From There, Slowly But Surely…

We moved to a small serviced office in Cecil street for one year first

Before moving to our showroom in Telok Ayer.

In 2 years, we also managed to build up our small workshop with a close knit team of craftsmen in Indonesia.

Its a small operation but i’m proud of the team that i’ve build.

And hopefully, we'll continue to grow as we move on! 


Make an appointment (<30mins)

nothing beats checking out the fitting, designs and quality of our shoes in person. No obligations!

We're located at 82 telok ayer st, #02-04




The Custom Made Experience

Find out how it works. 

Just 3 simple step to get that perfect shoe you always wanted. 

Design your shoe. Get Fitted. Collect them in 6 weeks. 


Gallery of our shoes

CustomMade shoes in the wild. 

A gallery of images of our finished shoes, professional and amateur.

Behind the scenes of some of our events, customers and our team at CustomMade.


our fitting process 

Get fitted in 15 mins. 

Our easy guided fitting process would find your perfect fit from our wide range of sizes and fitting.  


HP: +65 8717 0179 (Don)

Email: don@custommade.com.sg (Don) 


Weekdays: Noon to 730pm (last appt) 

We welcome walk ins on weekdays! do give us a heads up first though. 
Weekends: By appointment onlys. 


82 TELOK AYER ST, #02-04, S048467

Please enter from stairs 94 (NOT 82) - beside an Indonesia restaurant

Exit from Telok Ayer MRT Exit B. You'll see UP Fitness to your right
and a street of restaurants across the road on your left

Cross the road and locate the door beside Ying Fo Fui Kun, a Chinese National Moument. (on the left of the door) 
Restaurants on the right: Dong Fang Hong, a Chinese restaurant and PAGI SORE, an Indian restaurant. 

Click here for more detailed directions


  1. Raffles Place MRT (10 mins walk) 
  2. Telok Ayer MRT (2 mins walk)