Best Fit Last Sizing

A Shoe Last Is The Mold In Which A Shoe Is Crafted On. 

How Does CustomMade Sizing works? 

At CustomMade, our fit is different. Our custom sizing works by using our unique best fit last (BFL) sizing. 

This means that we have an inventory of shoe lasts of different widths and sizes and we’ll best fit your individual feet size to our inventory of shoe lasts.

There is an inventory of fitting shoe sizes for you to try on to test your sizing. Once you find a size that you are comfortable with, your CustomMade shoes will be constructed base on that size and last. 

Our unique fitting allows your feet to control the shoe, not the other way round. Nearly all widths are accommodated by our lasts, providing a more customized shoe fitting. 

How is this different from standard sizing like Bata, Aldo, Pedro, etc?

Most standard sizing (e.g. UK and US sizes) base their sizes on feet length. However, length is not the only factor for a good shoe fit; width(in step and out step)  is also just as important.

For each shoe model, as their shoes are mass produced, the ratio of width and length for these standard size shoes are fixed.

E.g. the ratio of width to length for a particular Pedro oxfords, style xxx is 1:4. With each size increase, the ratio does not change.

Therefore if your feet ratio is not 1:4, you will not have a good fit with these style xxx Pedro oxfords. 

That is why it is difficult to find shoes that fit AND in the style/design you like.

However, for CustomMade, we do it the reverse.

CustomMade Finds A Shoe Last That Fits You And Then Construct Your Shoe In The Design You Like.

This means you can have your shoes in YOUR design/color and in YOUR size.  


OUR SHOE LASt and sizes

We have shoe sizes ranging from Eur 38 to 45 (US 6 to 13-13.5)

There are 3 different shoe lasts, each with a different width. 

You should be able to find a reasonably comfortable fit with our unique shoe lasts. 

11350832_10155598280870054_7460415001154274040_n (1).jpg

Narrow Width (D-)

11350557_10155598280805054_4718996512570613918_n (1).jpg

Regular Width (E)

10984101_10155598280775054_7486566777886285714_n (1).jpg

Wide Width (EE)

We will NEVER run out of sizes, so all the different widths will be always available on the different sizes

How is this different from Bespoke shoes?

Bespoke shoes make a brand new shoe last from your individual feet. This is why they cost around $1000 to $2000 per pair and take up to 6 months to 2 years to construct. 

With a bespoke shoe, there is more freedom to choose the toe shape, shoe shape, designs, etc as the shoe last is specifically made to your preferences. 

Unlike bespoke shoes, CustomMade do not make a new shoe last, we use our existing inventory of shoe lasts to construct your shoe. 

Obviously, there are many factors that bespoke shoes could consider as they are much more personalized compared to CustomMade shoes. 

However, we are confident that we can find a reasonably good fit for your feet at a much more affordable price

Each pair of shoe you see here is a finished shoe for our valued customers.

Each pair of shoe you see here is a finished shoe for our valued customers.

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