The Most Versatile Social & Business Casual Shoe In Singapore

(lifestyle image above of a group of guys or just one guy wearing suede loafers with a background of an semi-upscale place)

The unlined suede loafers are your go-to shoes. They can be worn in so many occasions and with many different outfits.

From more casual to more dressy.


(image above of model wearing same shoe but different outfit from casual to dressy)

Wear them casually with shorts

For a casual weekend afternoon

Carousel images of suede loafers in shorts - 5 different outfits - with background

shorts and t-shirt X 2

shorts and polo t shirt X 2

shorts and button up shirt (rolled up sleeves) X 2

Wear them with jeans for a smart casual outfit

When you want to stroll around shopping malls in orchard/clarke quay

images of model wearing suede loafers in jeans (different outfits and loafers) - background of shopping area

Jeans and t-shirt X 2

Jeans and polo t shirt X 2

Jeans and button up shirt (rolled up sleeves) X 2

Wear them with Chinos for a sophisticated social outfit

When its casual fridays or a social weekend dinner with friends

2 x chinos with polo t-shirt

2x chinos with button shirt

1x chino with long sleeve shirt

Wear them professionally with tailored pants

for offices with a more flexible dress code or casual fridays

3x tailored pants with dress shirt