How to Custom Make Your Perfect Shoe

Custom Made Shoes give people infinite possibilities to create their perfect shoe.

Hence, sometimes it may be difficult to find your perfect shoe, without getting distracted by all the other choices.

I created an ordered thought process to make it easier for people to custom make shoes. 

The following are the order of steps to decide on:

  1. Style of Shoe - Foundation
  2. Colour of Shoe - Foundation
  3. Shape of Shoe - Foundation
  4. Brogues of Shoe - Design
  5. Front of Shoe - Design
  6. Side of Shoe - Design
  7. Back of Shoe - Design

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Style of Shoe - Foundation

Decide on which style of shoe that you want as it is the most basic and fundamental step of a men's shoe. 

This is the first thing you must decide on. 

These are just the basic and more popular style for men's shoe. Obviously, there are many more different style out there. 

Colour & Type of Leather - Foundation

The second basic step would be the colour and type of leather as it is the material that will make up your shoe. 

Currently, we only offer 3 different kinds of leather, full-grain cowhide leather,  top-grain nubucks leather and high quality corrected grain suede leather.

Below shows the differences in texture of the different types of leather and examples of shoes made out of the respective leathers. 

Colour-wise, we offer many different variety of colours, from your standard black, brown, tanned, burgundy to your obscure blue, purple, etc. 

Shape of Shoe - Foundation

The last basic step would be to decide the shape of your toe. As this shape would decide the overall look of your shoe. 

There are primarily three different toe shapes, Round, Square and Chisel. 

Square toes are more common for older gentlemen, aged 40 and above

Chisel and Round toes are more in trend with the younger generation. 

Below shows the difference in the respective toe shapes.

Brogue of shoes - Design

Now that we get the basic style, color and shape of the shoe out of the way. Here comes the fun part, the designing of your own custom made shoe. This is where you can add your own personal touch.

Brogues are the decorative perforations on your shoes. Click here for a comprehensive guide on brogue shoes by gentleman gazette. 

Below shows the most popular brogue design on men's dress shoes. Do note that the more brogues on a shoe, the less formal the shoe is. 

However, brogues are a good way to show off your individuality as most shoes are brogued in different manners. 

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Design - Front of shoe

Oxford/Derby/Monk Straps

These are the various popular design for the front of oxford, derby and monk straps shoes. 


These are the popular design for the front for loafers shoes. 

These are the accessories that are found on most loafers. 

Monk Straps

The popular types of monk straps. 

Side Of Shoes - Design

Oxford's side design.

These are the popular and more common side design for oxfords.

Derby's side design.

Below are the common and popular side design for derbys. 

Back of Shoe - Design

These are the more common and popular design for the back of shoes.

While the designs may not seem much different from each other; Once you add the brogues, front, side and back designs together, you can custom make a beautiful exclusive shoe that shows off your personal style and preference. 

Custom Making your Perfect Shoe

When is comes to custom making your perfect shoes, you are not limited to the above styles and designs. These are just the more common and popular ones found in most men shoes.

The key to custom making your perfect shoes is translating exactly what you have in your mind into words and pictures so the cobblers will know exactly how your perfect shoe looks like. 

This guide is to give a template and an ordered thought process to people who have a faint idea of their perfect shoe in their head and to solidify it into a clearer picture.

However, if you already have a picture of how your perfect shoes look like, we could simply just custom make it according to the style, colour and design of that picture! 

Inspirational Ideas For Your Custom Made Shoes

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