5 reasons why CustomMade shoes provide an unbeatable value in Singapore

Like it or not, women like shoes.

And they also judge men based on their shoes. 

Every man should own at least one pair of good looking shoes.

Be it for the office or for the casual weekend out.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford $250 to $300 for a good looking pair of shoes.

These are 5 reasons why CustomMade provides an unbeatable value when purchasing shoes in Singapore.

And why CustomMade should be your shoe guy.

1.) Hassle Free One-Stop Shoe Shopping

No more fuss over shoe shopping. 

No more fuss over shoe shopping. 

How long do you spend shopping for shoes?

Ever found a great shoe but wish it comes in a different colour? 

Or you have found that perfect shoe, only to have the sales person tell you "sorry, we don't have your size".

Typically, you will have to check online, visit many shops and departmental stores to find your perfect shoe and more often than not, its not perfect.

There is always something "off" when shopping for shoes.

It gets worse if your budget is less than $300. It is almost impossible to find that right shoe with the right design, the right colour, the right toe shape, etc and more important, the right fit.

Even if by some stroke of gypsy magic, fervent prayer and Irish luck, you found that right shoe for under $300, how long do you have to spend searching for that reclusive gem of a shoe.

Probably forever and a little more.

At CustomMade, You just have to make one stop for your perfect shoe.

Its hassle free shoe shopping. With over

  • Comprehensive range of design and style
  • 6 different full grain leather colour and 6 suede leather color
  • 3 different lasts

All you have to do is set up an appointment to try out your best fit last and you can start designing your perfect shoe. 


2.) Best Fit Last Sizing

Are you sick of shoes that do not fit? Me too. 

Personally, both my feet are different sizes. My right feet is bigger than my left feet, making shoe shopping a nightmare!

Standard size mass manufactured shoes are just not as comfortable.

I usually wear a US size 9 which means my left feet is comfortable but my right is not, or i go for a US size 9.5 or 10, which means now, my right feet is comfortable at the expense of my left.

This is a very common problem. Up to 60% of people suffer from having two different sizes feet. I thought to myself....

There just got to be a better way for everyone....and there is.

Best fit last sizing.  At CustomMade, we have our collection of shoe last.

We will best fit your feet to our wide collection of shoe last and once we find the best fit, you can start crafting your very own CustomMade shoe. 

That feeling you get when you buy CustomMade shoes. You'll dance like this. Seriously....

That feeling you get when you buy CustomMade shoes. You'll dance like this. Seriously....

Instead of choosing a design you like and then finding it in a comfortable size for you....

At CustomMade, we reverse the process. 

We find the size for you and then craft your shoe based on the color and design you like. 










3.) Full Grain Leather Uppers, Soles, Inner Lining

Leather is the hallmark of a quality formal shoe. It is:

  • Durable
  • Able to mold to your feet,
    • making full leather shoes more comfortable after multiple uses.

However, leather does not come cheap.

There are many different grades when it comes to leather quality. For the layman, the lower the quality of leather, the more easily it creases and the less durable.

CustomMade uses full grain leather for uppers, soles and inner lining.

CustomMade uses full grain leather for uppers, soles and inner lining.

From highest to lowest, typical leather quality are as follows (do note that the terms differ from individuals but it basically means the same thing) :

  1. Full Grain Leather
  2. Corrected Grain Leather
  3. PVC synthetic leather(bonded leather)

Click here for a more detailed explanation on leather quality.

Some shoe brands cut cost on leather and provide either corrected grain leather, partial leather shoes (rubber soles, synthetic leather inner linings or worse, synthetic leather for the whole shoe) or both.

Prices are usually marked up around 8x by the time it reaches you, the end consumer.

Prices are usually marked up around 8x by the time it reaches you, the end consumer.

Most shoe retailers have to maintain a markup of around 8x, in addition to the increasing cost of leather, full grain leather shoes for less than $300 are like the white unicorn.

You probably heard of them from a friend of a friend but you'll never see them in person

In fact, for less than $200, you may not even get full corrected grain leather shoes.  

However, all CustomMade shoes are made with full grain leather uppers, soles, and inner lining. We do not even use corrected grain leather.

Why are we able to provide such value in terms of our prices?

At CustomMade, we cut out all the "middle-men" involved in your usual sales cycle and being online, we eliminate the expensive "brick-and-mortar" expenses in Singapore to deliver quality custom shoes at a truly affordable price.

Our CustomMade shoes are constructed in our workshop in Vietnam and delivered straight to your waiting feet.

The only players involved are CustomMade and you! And seriously, who needs anyone else.


4.) Durable Blake Welting Construction

There are 3 main construction of shoes found in Singapore.

  1. Goodyear Welted
  2. Blake Construction
  3. Cemented (Glued)

Goodyear Welted Construction

Goodyear welted construction is a signature of the most premium of shoes. It is characterized by

  • how easy it is to resole them due to the welting,
  • Waterproof 
  • Durability.

however, goodyear welted shoes are heavier, not as flexible and are expensive. It is nearly impossible to find a pair of goodyear welted shoes in Singapore for less than $300.

Being easily resole-able means that you can extend the life of your goodyear welted shoe once the soles wear off, possibly making your shoes more value for money in the long run.

Why Goodyear welted shoes are not as value for money in Singapore

However, as there is a lack of good cobblers in Singapore who does resoling, its "easily resole-able" characteristics is somewhat wasted here. Furthermore, resoling services will cost at least $100++ for a leather resole with no gurantees of how long it will last.

It might be more value for money to simply purchase a new pair of shoe. Hence, the only strong point of Goodyear welted shoe is its waterproof ability and durability but are they worth the high premium cost?


The only thing that holds your cemented shoe together. Yes, this is it. 

The only thing that holds your cemented shoe together. Yes, this is it. 

Cemented shoes are your typical shoe construction you find in shoes that cost less than $150.

Sometimes, shoes that cost between $150 to $200 are even cemented. The stitches are simply aesthetic in nature.

Pro tip: When shopping for shoes, always ask for the shoe construction. One simple way to tell is the price.
If its below $150 for a formal shoe, it is almost definitely a cemented shoe.

Cemented shoes are the

  • least durable construction,
  • the least waterproof and
  • cannot be resoled.

The reason why cemented shoes are cheap is because the soles are simply just hard glued to the shoe uppers. Most cemented shoes also used a rubber sole instead of leather soles.

As with anything glued, the durability and longevity of your shoe will be poor and once the glue wears off and the soles are coming apart, the shoe cannot be repaired or resoled and must be replaced.

Blake Construction

CustomMade shoes are constructed using Blake Construction. Blake constructed shoes are

  1. Durable,
  2. Flexible and light. 
  3. Waterproof functions, though not as much as Goodyear Welted shoes.
  4. Resolable, though not as easily as Goodyear Welted shoes. 

While Blake Constructed shoes can be resoled as well, though not as easily as goodyear welted ones, as mentioned above, its resoling characteristics are wasted here in Singapore.

It is the perfect middle ground between Goodyear welted and cemented shoes. (Blake Stitch construction can be as durable as the goodyear welted construction) 

More flexbile and lighter than the goodyear welted construction yet more durable than the cemented construction.

Given adequate care and rest, you are easily looking at 2 to 3 years or even more for your CustomMade shoe.

5.) Wide Selection of Choices


Take a look at your typical departmental men's formal shoes in Singapore. I'm referring to brands like Aldo, Hush Puppies, Bata, Black Hammer, etc.

At the price point of $150 to $200 for mens formal shoe in Singapore, your options for a good pair of shoes in terms of designs and colours are very limited. (i'm not even talking about quality of shoes)

Most shoes at $150 to $200 offer very simple designs and your basic colours like black and dark brown.  That's it.

You will be hard press to find shoes with more complicated designs like brogues and medallion toes.  

Furthermore, you do not even get to choose your designs, colours, toe shapes, etc. Your choices are

  1. Like the shoes or
  2. Move on to the next shoe.
  3. Or worse, compromise and get the shoes 
  4. Or even worse, spend more than $400 to get that shoe with a nice design. 

What CustomMade is able to offer is a wide selection of shoe designs, colours, and customizable features like toe shape, heel colour, , rubber protection, etc.

We provide value in terms of your choices for

  • styles
  • designs
  • colours
  • customizable features mentioned above. 

So you can CustomMake your perfect shoe at an affordable price.

Who says good looking shoes cannot be affordable?

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