3 Factors That Makes Dress Shoes Uncomfortable


Some dress shoes are comfortable.

Some are just plain uncomfortable.

Causes blisters, makes your feet ache, etc. 

Why is that so? 

Not all dress shoes are created equally. 

And pricing does not equate comfort. Though it might indicate some things. 

Below are three factors why your dress shoes are uncomfortable. 


1. Wrong size


This one is pretty obvious. 

If your shoes are in the wrong size, it would not be comfortable. 

Most men don't even know what is their feet size. 

Firstly, make sure you get the right size. 

This has mainly got to do with the length of your feet. 

A good indication is that you can snugly fit your index finger around the heel counter. 

When it comes to good fitting, the width of your shoes is more important. 

This is a matter of the shoe last.  

Which determines the volume of the toe box in the shoe. 

For example, CustomMade has 3 different shoe last

Each last has a different fit even though they are the same size. 

If your feet is on the narrow end, you most likely fit better on a chisel toe box. 

If you feet is on the wide end, a softer chisel or round toe would be best. 

Alternatively, you can go for shoes with wider width grading.


2. shape of the shoe


A shoe is made on a distinct last.

This determines the shape of the shoe.

A shoe can be curved, soft chiselled, or sharp.  

Determine the shape of your foot then try to find a shoe that is made off a last that is a smilar shape.

A straight foot in a curved last is like putting a round peg in a square hole.

Not comfortable. 

This is regardless if you like a sharp chiselled shoe. 

If you feet is not narrow, you will not fit into a sharp chiselled shoe. 


3. Flexibility of your shoe


The more flexible your shoes, the more comfortable it is. 

This is because your shoes can bend according to your feet as you walk. 

If your shoes are stiff, it would not allow your feet to bend as easily. 

Forcing your feet to be in an unnatural position. 

There are many factors that affect the flexibility of your shoe. 

  • Shoe Construction

Generally goodyear welted shoes are stiffer compared to blake or cemented shoes. 

However, over time, they would break in, just that they take a much longer time. 

  • Upper Leather

The softer the upper leather, the more comfortable. 

This is the reason why after you break into your shoe, it gets comfortable. 

The leather becomes less stiff with use. 

So there comes the issue of style vs comfort. 

In general, there has to be some shape in a dress shoe to give it its elegance. 

And soft leather doesn't give shape. 

  • Outsole

The material of your outsole affects flexibility. 

Most rubber soles in general are more flexible. 

Leather soles tend to be stiffer in the beginning. They would break in after use. 

Double leather or triple leather soles are one of the stiffest and heaviest material. 

They are one of the most durable soles but man... they can take more than half a year to break in. 


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