3 Key Principles To Be The Well Dressed Man in Singapore

The difference in Being Well Dressed And Being Fashionable

Firstly, I would like to point out the difference between being well dressed and fashionable/trendy

To be a well dressed man means to be consistent and understated. It means your wardrobe is simple, classic and versatile.

You will not stick out from the crowd but you’ll always be noticed.

You walk with an air of quiet confidence and comfort.  You’re flexible, open minded and appreciate all aspect of fashion.

95% of the time in social situations, the well dressed man is king.

To be fashionable or trendy simply means you’re up to date with the fashion trends. Fashion trends are constantly changing.

Fashion, unlike being well dressed, can be confrontational just for the sake of it and they can push boundaries that do not need to be pushed. This could result in something fantastic or brutally awful.

This article is for men who is looking to be well dressed, not fashionable (not that being fashionable is bad).

These are the 3 principles

  1. Fit is KING in Men’s wear

  2. Match your colors

  3. It's the whole package

This article will just briefly go through the key principals. I'll be releasing articles with more depth and actionable advice on each specific principal in the following weeks. 


Principle 1: Fit is King in Men’s Wear


To be well dressed, your clothes need to fit. Period.

This is the most important principle.

It does not matter how branded, expensive or stylish your shirt, if it’s too baggy, you look like you just went through a weight loss campaign and forgot to buy new clothes.

Or if it’s too tight, you’ll look like you’re in need of a weight loss campaign.

Either ways, it looks bad.

Conversely, even if your clothes are regular, cheap off the mill ones,

if it fits perfectly to your body frame, it not only highlights your frame, you’ll look well dressed.

In the following week, I'll be providing useful links and resources on how to get the perfect fit for specific clothing like T-shirt, polo T, jeans, pants, etc

KEY POINT: People care less about your brands than the overall fit and how it accentuate your body and posture.

Principle 2: Match Your Colors


Colors are important. It separates the classic well dressed man and the dude who saw a bunch of different colors, can’t decide and went with all or none of them.

As a rule of thumb, you should not be wearing more than 3 colors….unless you’re a professional clown, then you should not be wearing less than 3 colors.

There are some colors that complements well with each other and some that just don’t.

These are rules, and knowing these color combination rules is essential in being well dressed.

In the following weeks, I'll provide a simple color matching principal that allows you to match your colors for every outfit and yet still have variety. Trust me, color matching is simple. 

KEY POINT: Do not wear more than 3 colors at one time

Principle 3: It's the Whole Package


When it comes to being well dressed for men, its the subtleties. This is because men do not have a wide variety of clothing styles to choose from, compared to women.

(its a good thing, you don't want to spend 3 days 2 nights 4 hours deciding what to wear for your lunch on Monday) 

Subtleties mean the whole package. There is no point wearing the most expensive bespoke tailored suit but then you wore a cheap BATA shoe that doesn't even match the color of your suit. 

OR a beautiful bespoke calfskin leather shoes but a baggy ill fitting pants and shirt that are clearly your dads who is 3 size bigger than you. 

Just a single piece of article that is off would ruin the entire package. It's not so much perfection, but consistency. 

In the following weeks, i'll be giving quick tips on the things to note when it comes to being the whole package. Just three main categories for the whole package. Top, Bottom, and Shoes.

KEY POINT: Consistency is a must in being well dressed. Its the whole package. Head to Toe. 


Where there is only one climate in Singapore, being well dress is easy.

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Every few years I like picking a uniform so I won’t have to think too much about what to wear,” - Billionaire investor, Chris Sacca - early investor of Twitter, Uber and Instagram

Sacca adds that people spend "more energy" thinking "‘What should I be wearing?’ rather than about more substantive important things.”

The whole point here is to share simple principals so you do not waste time being well dressed, allowing you to focus on your goals and leading an optimized CustomMade lifestyle while looking sharp. 

In fact, smart casual wise, you only need like 2 jeans and 3 tops to be good for the whole year. It's more of what is the 2 jeans and 3 tops, rather than the amount of clothes. 

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