3 Key Style Tips To Follow For Shorter Men in Singapore


Not every one is blessed with height.

Especially here in Singapore.

Fret not, for those who are shorter, bear in mind that Tom Cruise and Zac Effron are less than 173cm.

I’m guessing most people don’t even notice that.

Well…it’s because they follow these style tips.

Key Principle To Follow To Look Taller

The whole principle is to draw people’s glance upwards, towards your face.

This forms an unbroken vertical line and thus creates an illusion of height.

So this means you want to minimize distractions and “breaks” from head to toe.

(NOTE: This does not mean you cannot accessorize)

Shorter Men Style Tip 1: FIT is KING

download (2).jpg

DO NOT try to compensate for your height by wearing clothes too large.

Instead, you want them to be slim fitting…rather than straight or loose fitting.

AVOID baggy clothes at all cost…unless you’re a rapper.


The armhole of your jacket should be high enough that there’s a gap between your torso and arms when they’re by your side,

This is slimming and therefore elongating your frame.

PRO-TIP: Get a jacket that is shorter rather than longer. This makes your legs look longer.



Slim fit is best.

Skinny fit might make you look a little too small so wear them with caution. In general, skinny fit is better for lanky tall dudes.

The Rise Of Your Trousers/Pants

This is where you pants sit.

And also the distance between the top of your pants and the crotch area.

Go for high rise and mid rise.

This elongates your legs and make you look taller.

AVOID low rise and low crotch.

Your pants should not sit below your waist. It makes your legs look short.


SHORT rise is not the same as LOW rise.

Short rise sits naturally at your waist like mid rise but there is less material at the crotch area.

That gives a slimming effect which looks better on shorter men.


Singapore is warm all year round.

Needless to say, we, regular dudes love wearing our shorts.

Sadly, when you’re short, it’s more challenging to pull off shorts.


The Rise Of Your Shorts
This is the same as your pants like above.

You don’t want it too low.

In general, go for a mid rise bermudas.

It should sit snugly on your waist.

The Leg Opening Of Your Shorts

DO NOT go for baggy shorts.

Regardless of height, a nice fitted shorts will always look good.

Your shorts should follow the actual shape of your leg, giving you the V shape, which is a much more athletic, flattering silhouette.

The Length Of Your Shorts

DO NOT wear shorts that is too long.

How long is too long? Below the knee.

It makes your legs shorter and makes you look like a teenager.

What is the right length?

Slightly above your knees.


Shorter Men Style Tip 2: Wear Monochrome Colors

Wear tonal colors for your outfit to elongate your stature.

This means dark grey pants with a lighter grey top.

Or Navy pants with a blue top.

(grey looks exceptionally well…or off black colors.)

DO NOT wear the exact same shade. (unless its a suit)

Ensure that there is a difference in tone between your top and pants.


Avoid large designs, logo and patterns in your outfit. This breaks your outfit further.

Go for Basics. These are your best friends.

If possible, try to go without a belt or one that matches the same tone.

PRO-TIP: If you DO have to wear separate colors, ensure your pants is the darker tone.

Shorter Men Style Tip 3: Watch your pants/jeans break

The break of your pants is where your pants meet your shoe.

When wearing pants, you want to achieve the slimming look. The slimming look cleans up the lines and elongates your legs.

This means a no break pants.

Allowing you to show your shoes more.

And your pants will hang more narrow which is good.

DO note that this means your shoes will be shown and its important to match them with your pants.

NO break or Slight break is good.

NO break or Slight break is good.


You want to dress appropriately for your height.

If you’re on the shorter side, you would want to minimize “breaks” in your outfit to elongate your frame.

Just note on these 3 style tips:

  1. FIT is KING

  2. Wear Tonal Outfits

  3. Go for NO break pants.

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