4 Ways To Wear Suede Loafers in Singapore


Suede…one of the best smart casual material for a sunny weather like Singapore

Most people have a misconception that suede is hard to maintain with an often rainy weather here.

This is not true.

It’s just as easy to maintain as any other leather shoes.

In this article, i’ll show you 4 ways to wear your suede loafers in Singapore

  1. Suede Loafers With Jeans


This is a classic combination.

Every man have a pair of jeans.

Pair it with a suede loafers to dress it up instead of the usual sneakers.

Just remember, dark wash jeans goes with darker suede colors like navy, black, dark brown, tan, etc

light was jeans goes with lighter suede colors like light grey, cream, lighter tan, etc


What top to wear

this is the beauty of this attire. anything.

T-shirt, Polo-t, to a button up oxford.

They all go quite well.

Pro-Tip: Ensure the length of your denim is on the shorter side.

Excessively long and baggy jeans will look horrific with loafers

2. Suede Loafers With Chinos


This is one of the best combination with suede loafers.

Chinos are more “elegant” compared to Jeans which are more “rugged”.

Add that to the “smartness” of a suede loafers and you have one of the best smart casual outfits.

What top to wear

A rolled up or short sleeve button up shirt tend to go better with chinos.

Or put on a bomber or linen jacket to dress things up.

That being said, a long sleeve t-shirt is a nice casual outfit.

3. Suede Loafers With Shorts


this is a Singaporean go-to.

Our weather is hot so shorts are an obvious favorite.

But shorts with slippers might be a little too “uncle”

wear them with suede loafers to give a great look for casual weekend afternoons.

Pair your shorts with a button up shirt and you have the perfect casual outfit

Pro-Tip: Your shorts should be just above the knee. And it should be slim fit

4. Suede Loafers With tailored pants

i know most guys in Singapore are not too comfortable with this as it might too casual for the office.

It is a good outfit and suede is also more comfortable.

In general, go for a darker suede color like dark brown or dark navy to give a more formal look.

Rather than a cream or lighter tan suede color.


A suede loafer is a must-have in your shoe collection.

It is too versatile to leave out.

And there are so many outfits and occasions that just calls for a suede loafers!



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