The 5 Mins Principle To Always be Well Dressed With Colours in Singapore

The second principle of the well dressed man in Singapore. Click here to read the 3 key principles to be well dressed in Singapore.

Matching your colors is almost as important as your fit.

It can result in you looking bland and boring or loud and foolish.

Luckily for you, we do not have to take out the color wheel and go through an in depth theory on colors….blah blah blah. 

These are quick tips on how to match your colors well.

  1. Do not wear more than 3 colors at once
  2. Have at least one or more neutral color in your outfit

Also, i'll be explaining the "one core color" principal so you can always match your colors effortlessly regardless of outfit. 


No More Than 3 Colors


Your entire outfit, shoes, pants, belt, top, jacket, cap, dog, etc should not have more than 3 colors.

If you have a red shirt, navy pants and brown shoes, please do not put on a green belt.

You want to cap the maximum number of colors at 3 for your entire outfit.

This is a simple enough rule.


Have at least one neutral color

All neutral is a safe and sophisticated look

All neutral is a safe and sophisticated look


Neutral colors are black, white, tan and grey.

In general, neutral colors are your friends.

They are safe colors that will match well with any colors so you do not have to worry about your colors clashing.

Make sure your neutral plays well though…

light pants with light shoes, dark belts with dark shoes, etc. You get the point.

However, having too many neutrals might look dull and boring.

This is when you add in one core color.


The One Core Color Principal


Examples of core colors

Examples of core colors

Core colors are brown, navy, yellow, burgundy, green, purple, etc.

They are basically colors that are not neutral.

They can either be warm (red, yellow, orange)

Or cool (green, blue, violet)

One core color, together with your neutrals and a good fit is more than enough to make you well dressed.

Of course, you are allowed to wear more than one core color. 

But then you have to worry about matching them and ensuring they do not clash.



Notice they only have one core color and the rest in neutral? Yet they look well dressed. 

Notice they only have one core color and the rest in neutral? Yet they look well dressed. 

  • Khaki pants (neutral), burgundy shirt (core) and Brown shoes (Neutral)
  • Blue Jeans (neutral), Dark green polo shirt (core) and black shoes (neutral)
  • White T-Shirt (neutral), Tan Khakis (neutral) and a burgundy shoe (core) 


KEY TAKEAWAY: Go for the one core color principal - Just wear one core color and the rest in neutral. It is safe, simple and more importantly,  it makes you look good.

And make sure your clothes fit. That's like 95% of being well dressed. 

Do let me know if you have any questions by posting it on the comment section or on my Facebook page! 


Where there is only one climate in Singapore, being well dress is easy!

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