Better Functional Performance in your Leather Dress shoes: Sachetto Construction


The typical working class man in Singapore wears a pair leather dress shoes

For at least 8 hours a day for 4 to 5 days a week.

It is important for his leather dress shoes to not only look good..

But also FEEL good.

Uncomfortable and stiff footwear results in short term discomfort and long term feet conditions.

In this article, we’re going to discuss about the functional performance of a leather dress shoe

And how the Sachetto construction improve such performance.

Before we start, what is the Sachetto construction.

Sachetto Construction

The soft inner lining, without any stiff layers

The soft inner lining, without any stiff layers

The term “saccheto” means bag.

As the upper and lining are made like a bag and pull over the shoe last like a glove.

With this technique, the shoe upper and its lining are completely rolled into a tube, which is then directly stitched to the outsole.

Therefore, the foot doesn't get into contact with the sole, but only with the soft leather of the shoe upper or the footbed.

The stitch is also positioned at the very edge of the shoe - where the foot won't feel it

If we add the high flexibility of the shoe that this construction creates, Sachetto shoes is one of the most comfortable shoes to wear.

Functional Performance   

When it comes to leather dress shoes, 3 factors are important to functional performance

1.       Durability – the ability of the footwear to withstand “abuse”

2.       Flexibility – the ability of the footwear to flex and still retain shape

3.       Aesthetics – the ability of the footwear to look fly AF



This is the most common question ever. And also the most subjective question.

There is just no definite answer.

BUT there are factors that improve the ability of a footwear to withstand abuse/wear and tear.

Namely, the construction.

The Sachetto construction is a double stitched shoe construction.

The Blake stitching and the Sachetto stitch.

The blake stitching is the stitch that gives it the durability.

This stitching holds the shoe together from the constant wear and tear of wearing a shoe.

As with any stitched construction, it proves to be a more durable one.


Running shot 2.png

Flex is important to footwear as each step you take will flex the shoe.

Without flexibility, the footwear lacks functionality in terms of walking.

Try walking without flexing your shoes.

This is where the Sachetto construction shines!

The double stitching allows the shoe to be constructed without a stiff insole.

This means fewer layers in your shoes.

Which means more flexibility.

Which means walking is easier in such footwear.

Additionally, a soft memory foam footbed can be used in replacement of the stiff insole to give a general cushioning and comfort.

Similar to our new performance series shoe line which includes a double layer memory foam footbed.

Contrast that to a goodyear construction which is very stiff.

This is because of the additional layer of filling and welt, making stiff and inflexible footwear.


4 shoes.jpg

Looks are important to footwear, especially leather dress shoes.

Looks are very subjective.

But in general, a sharp, slim and sleek look is generally preferred in Singapore or Asia compared to a bulky look.

The Sachetto construction makes for a slim and sleek look, similar to that of a Blake as there are fewer layers in the shoe.

Of course, when it comes to looks, you cannot ignore the shoe last, pattern and leather as these are more important.


While the sachetto construction does not do much to improve the aesthetics of the footwear,

It does not in any way reduce the aesthetics as well.

However, where this construction shine is the flexibility while maintaining the durability of a stitched shoe.

This results in a pair of shoe that is made for wearing a pair of shoes for longer hours and walking around.  

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