Billionaire investor, Chris Sacca's Cowboy Shirt and How It Help Him Make Billions

Chris Sacca doesn’t ride bulls or rope steers. He isn’t a rodeo cowboy, he’s not a ranch hand and, last i checked, he’s not a Cowboy shirt model. 

He’s a billionaire venture capitalist that invested in Instagram, Facebook and Uber early on.

 So what’s with his funky cowboy shirt uniform?

“Every few years I like picking a uniform so I won’t have to think too much about what to wear,”
-Chris Sacca, Billionaire Investor

He adds that people spend more energy thinkingWhat should I be wearing?’ rather than about more substantive important things.

Sacca says that rather than focus on fashion, his attention should be on meaningful pursuits.


One Thing in COmmon With Great People


Like the many greats, steve jobs, mark zuckerberg, etc, Sacca has a uniform which he doesn't have to put much thought into everyday.

This does not mean you can wear a cowboy shirt to work, because you are not Chris Sacca and you do not have a billion dollars.

Being well dressed is important for the majority of the population like us that do not have a billion dollars.

Image is important. People treat you different depending on your image. It just works like that.

But that does not mean you have to put in countless of hours of effort everyday to be well dressed.

Key Takeaway: Come Up With Your Own UNIFORM

Like Sacca, you can come up with your own well dressed uniform to wear every day.

It could be something as simple as monochromatic business casual (Black shirt, navy pants, brown shoes) but own it and stick with it. It can be a couple of different uniforms to wear on different days so you do not have to wear the same uniform everyday. 

But the key is so you do not need to put in unnecessary effort to dress well every morning AND still look good. This leaves you more attention to focus on your bigger goals. 

And please don't include the cowboy shirt

Check out the links below to find out more about how to come up with your own well dressed uniform! 


Where there is only one climate in Singapore, being well dress is easy.

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