CustomMade Updates On New Showroom And Collection!

It's been a long and eventful year for CustomMade at Centennial Suite,

The serviced office that we leased for our operations.

It's a bittersweet moment as our lease ended on the 17th Apr,

Signaling the end of one full year.

I initially wanted to move to a serviced office,

As i wanted my room back and also the location would be a huge convenience. 

Lastly, the short lease and small space is perfect for CustomMade then.

My mum and I made the decision to move out because the space was too small.

We had no room to grow.

New Showroom

Retail .jpg

CustomMade will be moving to 82 Telok Ayer, #02-04.

It is a bare office space that is bigger.

Renovations are underway as we're going through a re-branding as well.

The estimated date of reopening would be 15th May.

Haha, yes, i know...that means we won't be in operations till then.

Partially my fault due to the lack of adequate planning and procrastination on the renovation plans.

Hey, i'm only human so i'm gonna go easy on myself.

On the plus side, that also means a month of no operations.

BREAK TIME! It's all about perspective!

My mum is no longer young and she lacks the vitality and energy like i do

So i figured it would be a good time for her to just unwind and relax. 

New Team Addition To CustomMade

There will be a new team member for CustomMade, Nigel, my younger brother.

Nigel will ORD this coming May and like most 20-somethings,

We are completely unsure of what we want to do.

Rather than studying in a course that he has no passion in,

I told him to join me in my pursuit of "real world" education

And building a sustainable organization.

As for CustomMade, we'll be spending this one month break to brainstorm the future.

Mainly, our mission and our vision and the strategy involved.


New Collection of Colors

There will be some big changes to CustomMade after our opening as well.

A brand new collection with new colors!

  1. Black
  2. Dark Brown
  3. Chestnut Brown
  4. Dark Tan & Dark Tan Burnished
  5. Oxblood
  6. Burdundy
  7. Navy Blue

We are improving on the looks and quality of our shoes.

Our shoes are now 100% hand painted and hand burnished

As we just got a new coloring expert!

That means each shoe is completely unique.

While there may be two shoe orders with the same color,

it will not be 100% identical.

Hand colored shoes will have a richer character in color and age!

Order Processing And Updates

We hear your feedback. 

We are working towards cutting the lead time and better tracking of production.

Tracking will now be relatively real time. 

We'll update you via email of which stage of production your shoes would be in.

We are working on this automation software. 

Hopefully, we should be able to launch this in line with the new opening.


The CustomMade Experience

More importantly, we will be implementing proper processes to the shopping experience here at CustomMade. 

  1. CustomMade designing process

    One to one personal guidance on which design and color is best for you
  2. CustomMade fitting process

    3 key steps to our fitting process - Measurement, Standing test, Walking Test

I would share more details as we go on! 

Change in Pricing For CustomMade

There will also be a change in pricing for our entry level CustomMade shoe.

Our new collection is a new and improved version of the old collection.

The customer experience will also be improved and value added. 

Our range will go from $330 to $360.

Rest assured that there will be an opening promotion.

And also, a special discount for existing customers for their support throughout the year! 

CustomMade Opening Promotion

We'll be offering a one time opening promotion. 

This would be available for those who sign up to our list and Like Our Facebook! 
(if you're already on the list,  you don't have to sign up again)

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