Donovan's CustomMade Journey

Hey peeps,

As promised, this is a narcissistic rant of my personal journey of how I went from Accountancy student from NTU who knows nothing about shoes to trying to set up my own men formal/smart casual shoe brand with my mum out of my room.

Our mission is to simplify and personalize the shoe shopping experience for men. 

(FYI, i'm still working out of my room most of the time.)

Chapter 1: The Idea of CustomMade

It all started when I was in year 2 of NTU. As i studied in Nanyang Business School (NBS), i require a pair of formal shoes for project presentations.

This began my search for a good looking pair of brown dress shoes are too boring for me at that time. 

I headed for the usual suspects when it come to men dress shoes, Takashimaya, Metro, Pedro, Aldo and gasps....even Bata. After days and hours of search, none of them quite fit the bill to what I was looking for.

Either it looks good, but my size is out of stock or it just doesn't look good at all. 

It was frustrating. Somehow, that was always something off. 

Family Vacation to Vietnam

It was during an innocent vacation to Vietnam that my shoe search problem got solved. Daryl, my elder brother and I chanced upon a custom made shoe store there. (one of your local family owned shoe shop)

It was there that I custom made my first two pairs of shoes.

It wasn't so much the shoes that stuck with me, but rather the process of getting the shoes. It was exceptionally simple.

Previously, I had to search high and low and try on multiple different shoes and yet i still can't find a decent pair. Over there, all i had to do was get my feet measured and show them the design i wanted from my phone, and Presto, i got my new pair of shoes.

Innocent Comment by Daryl

My elder brother casually mentioned how such a concept would do well in Singapore...

And I vividly remembered romanticizing about the idea of selling shoes right then.

It was one of those where you get a rush of energy from inside and you can't help but to entertain and play out the romanticism....which i did for the rest of the trip. 

Little did I know that his innocent comment would have changed my journey two years later after graduation......

The first workshop i decided to work with and where the same place i bought my first custom shoe from! Sadly, things didn't work out but find out more...

The first workshop i decided to work with and where the same place i bought my first custom shoe from! Sadly, things didn't work out but find out more...

If you enjoy this short bit, stay tuned for the next part of how i underestimated the business and product leading to a complete failure

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