One Simple Trick To Make Your Leather Shoe Last Longer

So you got a new pair of leather shoes.

You invested a bomb on it and now you want to make it last longer

 Its simple. Add the half rubber protector.

There are different thoughts to adding the half rubber.

Some say it’s the best thing to extend your shoe life.

Others swear it’s a waste of leather sole.

In this article we’ll list the pros and cons and give you guys our verdict.



Let’s start with the cons.


1. Added Cost

Adding the half rubber protector cost more.

There is additional material and labour cost involved

A reasonable price for the rubber would be:

Half Rubber (common brand) : $30 (might be poor craftsmanship) to 35
Full Rubber (common brand) : $45 to 55

Half Rubber (Vibram): $40 to 60
Full Rubber (Vibram): $50 to 80

At CustomMade, we offer the half/full rubber protector (common brand) at $25/$35.

Despite costing more at the start, but if you factor in the additional shelf life you bring to your shoe,

there is more value.

Then again, there is the hassle of bringing it to the cobbler to get it done.


2. Aesthetics (1).jpg

Another concern would be the looks of the shoe.

I mean you pay a premium for leather soles and now you want to put a rubber over it…

This is a valid point.

However, this point would affect women shoes more, especially heels

As they are in general sleeker and usually have their soles revealed.

For men shoes, the soles are hardly visible

so adding a half rubber would not affect the aesthetics to a large extent.

But it does affect the aesthetics a little.


3. Reduce Breathability

Yes, leather soles are breathable. Rubber is not.

The theory goes that rubber deprives your leather soles from oxygen,

keeping moisture in and destroying your leather.

This is true.

It does reduce breathability which traps moisture.

However, the protective rubber adds more in protection than it removes in breathability.




1. Longer Sole Life

One of the biggest wear and tear for shoes is the soles.

The other being the heel area (which is part of the sole if you think about it) 

This is natural seeing that you’re walking on them against the ground.

While leather soles are a durable material,

the constant wear and friction against the ground would erode the leather.

Now imagine adding an additional protective layer over it.

And having the rubber take a beating instead.

Its like an Iphone screen protector for your shoes

If you walk on your iphone all day. 

This easily adds 6 to 12 months to the life of your shoe.

Furthermore, you can just remove and add a new rubber protector once it is worn out.


2. Value for money

Other than adding life to your shoes, rubber additions save you money.

The rubber additions are removable.

Yea, our CustomMade shoes are resoleable as well

and many other leather shoes with leather soles. 

But the cost for a full leather resole is $180

as leather soles are expensive and the skills/labour involved to resole is more extensive.

While a rubber resole is $30 to $60…3 to 6 times cheaper comparatively.

As once your rubber wears out, you can simply resole them at a much cheaper cost

compared to resoling your leather sole once it wears out.

Rubber additions are a good value investment if you intend to get long term wear out of your shoes.


3. Slip Resistance and Waterproof

Leather soles look great! But they are slippery.

That is the nature of leather. There is no slip free leather soles.

If there is, it’s called rubber.

Rubber additions provide traction and grip so you do not slip.

Also, it provides water resistance as leather being breathable also means it is less water resistance.



At CustomMade, we would recommend the rubber additions in Singapore for practical reasons.

Singapore having a rainy climate means you would require the traction and the water resistance.

While it might not be as aesthetic or breathable, overall it provides more value.

Our half rubber additions are at $25 while full rubber is at $35.

We use a common shoe sole rubber (not vibram) and we only offer this pricing only with purchase of our shoes.


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