The Ultimate List To Finding The Perfect Fit For All Your Clothes


There is nothing more important to a man than having clothes that fit well. If it means spending more on fitting clothes, you spend more.

This principal is important whether you’re dressing for your everyday office or you’re heading out on a casual Saturday evening, fit is KING. Repeat that to yourself like a mantra.

When in doubt, go slim fit. It typically works best for most men.

These are a few quick resources how how to achieve your perfect fit for most men clothing.


Overall Fitting Guide For Most Men Clothes

From dress shirts to shoes, this guide give a quick run down on areas you want to pay extra attention to get a well fitting attire. 


The Perfect Fit For Specific Casual Clothing


Below is a slightly more detailed guide of how each type of clothing should fit. Less than 3 mins read but a lifetime of well fitting clothes. 

Click on the links below to find out how each specific clothing should fit

How Should Your T-shirt Fit

How Should Your Chino/Khaki Fit

How Should Your Polo T-Shirts Fit

How Should Your Jeans Fit


The Perfect Fit For Office Wear


As most men custom make their office wear in Singapore, it is more challenging for the tailor to give you the perfect fit if you do not even know so yourself

These are just some tips to take note of to tell your tailor the next time to get that fit you always wanted. 

Click on the links below to find out how each specific clothing should fit

How Should Your Dress Pants fit

How Should Your Dress Shirts Fit

How Should Your Suit Fit

How Should Your Belt Fit

With these guides, you should be able to get a proper understanding of how your clothes would fit.

Once you learn and internalize them, it will be minimal effort to get well fitting clothes as you know your body frame best so just stick to that particular size. 


KEY TAKEAWAY: Fit is KING. Know your fit and what works best for you. I would say more than half of the work is done to being a well dressed man. 

In 95% of social situation in Singapore, the well dressed man is KING.

Where there is only one climate in Singapore, being well dress is easy.

3 Key Principles To Be Well Dressed in Singapore

The 5 Mins Colour Principle To Always Be Well Dressed With Colors In Singapore

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