The 5 Mins Guide For Men Office Flexi-Dress Code In Singapore

More and more work place are going flexi dress code.

Basically, that means no need more tailored dress pants, button shirts and formal dress shoes.

However, that does not mean you can wear any random t-shirt, jeans and shoes.

It is still important to look “professional” and presentable.

In this article, we’ll go through

  1. What not to wear

  2. What to wear for your top

  3. What to wear for your bottom

  4. What to wear for your shoes

What Not To Wear

Flexi dress code does not mean wear anything.

These are a big no-no in my opinion:

  1. Flip flops

  2. Shorts

  3. Singlets

  4. Any t-shirts with a cliche inspiration phrase like “YOLO” or “Believe in Yourself” (leave that to the hipsters and the teenagers)

DO wear accessories like watches, bracelet and necklaces. These go perfect with smart casual outfit.

Even a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans would be a little too casual for the workplace.

You can spruce things up by layering it with a nice casual jacket or a more structured “hoodie”.

And still maintain the flexibility by removing the layer when going for lunch, etc.

What Top To Wear

1.Jacket with t-shirt(could be something more casual like twill)

This is a great and easy look to pull off.

Simply take your jacket off if it gets too warm around here in Singapore.

When in doubt, go white t-shirt and navy jacket.


2. Oxford Button Up Shirt

Another simple look to pull off.

When in doubt, go plain colors like: white, blue, etc

Roll your sleeves up to give a more smart casual look.

Or get a mandarin collar for something less formal.


3. Polo T-Shirt

A polo t-shirt might be too casual, depending on the culture of your work place.
So it is important to pair it with more formal shoes like leather oxfords or dress boots.

OR a tailored pants or chinos, rather than jeans to create a more dressy look.


What Pants to Wear

  1. Jeans

This is a no brainer.

A few pointers on jeans. NO ripped jeans. Save that for your hipster concerts.
Also, a darker wash jeans in general is better suited for the office.

And get them slim cut, rather than straight cut.

As jeans are more casual in general, it is important that your top or footwear is more formal.

E.g. leather shoes or boots. OR wear a button shirt and jacket with sneakers

Mix and match, get creative!

2. Chinos/Tailored Pants

These are more formal as they use a different material. Wool, polyester, etc compared to denim.

For pants like this, you can wear a more casual top or shoes.
A polo t-shirt with chino pants and leather shoes are a great look!

DRESSDOWNbrand (1).jpg

What shoes to wear

  1. Leather Boots

This is the best to pair with jeans.

For leather boots, it is important for the boots to be on the dressy side than on the rugged side. (does not have to be too dressy)

This means a leather sole and a sleeker shoe shape. Suede is a nice look for a smart casual attire.

Rugged boots are like Timberland, Redwings, Dr Martens.
Dressier options are like Chelsea boots, Chukka boots, derby boots ,etc.

Chinos or tailored pants are also a great option for boots


2. Suede Shoes

Suede is the perfect smart casual shoes.

They go well with jeans, chinos, and tailored pants.

Suede loafers are an exceptional great look with jeans and chinos.


3. Leather Sneakers

This is the most casual footwear.
While it gives a great look, do note to dress up the rest of your outfit.

Think button up shirt with jacket.

Or a tailored pants with leather sneakers are a great look too.



It is easy to dress well for a flexible dress code here in Singapore.

You just have to take note of the 3 things:

  1. Top

  2. Pants

  3. Footwear

It is important to find your own style and match your colors well.

When in doubt, go basic colors and style.

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