The CustomMade Journey

The Purpose Of The Custom Made Journey

Good day people! Thank you for swinging by to this page to check this awesome article out.

To get things started, the purpose of this blog is to provide

  • Inspiring stories of bold creative people who chose to walk their own journey;
  • Useful information to empower people to custom make their own life journey
  • Actionable style tips to be well dressed (hey, looking good is important) 

Yes, shoes and shirts are not the only thing you can custom make.  In fact, these are just the fringe items that complement your custom made life journey.

There are 3 main categories for this blog

1.       Living Your Custom Made Life

2.       The Well Dressed Man

3.       Stories and journeys behind CustomMade brand
(hey, let’s just say I’m a little narcissistic)



We are fortunate enough to be living in Singapore where food, water and shelter are easily found.


Yet in Singapore, we have a relatively low happiness index.


Happiness is dependent on your basic needs like food, water, sex, shelter, etc

But there is an important aspect that people often overlook or ignore.

Self Actualization.

According to Maslow hierarchy of needs, self actualization is achieving your fullest potential.

images (1).jpg

Being your best self or in short, self optimization.

In Singapore, where all our lower hierarchy of needs is easily met, we are left with the puzzling need of self actualization.

This is what this blog and category is all about and for.

People who are looking to be the best version of themselves.


While I’m in no way self actualized (not even close to be exact), I’m on my own personal journey to achieve that.

An important realization did hit me.

It is not possible to achieve your fullest potential unless you custom make your own journey. (But what do i know, I’m just a 27 year old kid who sells shoes and never had a real job )

If you are not in control of your own personal time, emotions and self, how do you expect to be your best self and find personal fulfillment.

What is the one thing that is so alluring about custom made, control.  The control to make things specifically just for yourself.

I'll be sharing inspiring stories of people (not myself...luckily) who are on similar journeys as us, key insights and useful advice from them to aid us along our personal Custom Made journey.




Being fashionable is not mandatory, but being well dressed is.

Self Image and how you feel about yourself is important. This runs deeper than mere vanity or looking good.

It is about being the full package. Complete. Being smart AND looking smart.

Well...but if you can't be least look smart! (trust me, it's way easier)

Many studies have shown that certain clothes or how you look affect your mood and perception and in turn, affect your action.


Conversely, if you spend too much time on your outfit each day like those OOTD Instagram models (Outfit Of The Day for those non hip dudes reading this...seriously, get on with the times),

You will have less mental energy to focus on your goals and dream. (unless your dream is to be an instagram model, then please ignore the last part).

This is an effect called decision fatigue. 

Think of Steve jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. 

They wear the same outfit each day because it is simple

They do not waste precious energy deciding what to wear so they can focus on bigger things.

But does that mean you need to have the fashion sense of a 45 year old uncle who's idea of shoes are Crocs? 

NOPE. (no disrespect to all 45 year old uncles)

In this category, i'll be giving you

·         Short actionable style tips

·         Easy advice on being well dressed and

·         Quick outfits looks

So you do not have to put in as much effort as an instagram model and still not look as bad as Mark Zuckerberg.   

Ultimately, the aim is for you to be well dressed with minimal effort so you will have more focus on custom making your own life journey.


This is a category to indulge in my narcissistic side.

I'll be sharing my personal stories on what led me to get a one way ticket to Vietnam on nothing but an idea or to sell shoes online out of my own room.

Basically, anything to blow my own horn. 

In truth, i want to share not just about myself but the people (big shout out to my dearest mum who dedicated so much time to CustomMade) who helped me along my still very much ongoing mission of building an easy and personalized shoe shopping experience in Singapore. 

Also, i want to show you guys of the human-ness behind CustomMade brand. 

We are just a bunch of cool folks who want to introduce a simpler and personalized shoe shopping experience to Singapore.

Check out my personal story of how an inncoent trip to Vietnam and an innocent comment from my elder brother has changed my journey to start a shoe brand

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