The One Principle that Almost Every Singaporean Man Ignore in Being Well Dressed

This third and last principal sums up everything about being a well dressed man, or being a man actually.

Its all about the whole package. This is not about perfection, but consistency.


Why the Whole Package is Important

Imagine going to a nice restaurant where you ordered their 5 course meal, the first 4 course was superb.

The food was stunningly delicious and the presentation was as if Picasso came back to life and decorated it himself. One word, flawless. 

And then came the last course, dessert.

It looked bad, as if a secondary school kid prepared it for his home economics homework and he got detention for it. What do you think you will remember from this restaurant? 

Yes, you guessed it right. The dessert. 

Being Well Dress is About The Whole Package

Well, the same thing goes for dressing well. Even if you're decked out in a bespoke suit made from Egyptian cotton sourced from Anubis, the Egyptian god himself but you're wearing a beat up Bata shoe...

People are going to remember your Bata shoes.

I often see men wearing beautiful, well fitting custom shirts and pants only to wear some beat up shoes. It's really a huge waste as all it takes is some good looking shoes.


4 Categories To Note

There are four main areas to take note of in terms of the whole package. 

  1. Top - shirts, suits, etc
  2. Bottom - pants, jeans, etc
  3. Shoes - oxfords, boots, derbys, etc
  4. Accessories - belt, tie, necklaces, etc

You have to make sure each area is well fitted and in line with your image. Not a single area can be left out. 

Quick Tip: Match your belt with your shoes. Brown belt with brown shoes, black belt with black shoes. 

As you understand the basics and your style better, that is when you can experiment on bolder colors, layering your clothes and accessories like necklaces and bracelets.


KEY TAKEAWAY: To be well dressed, follow the one core color principal for these four areas and make sure they all fit well. That's it. 

It is that simple. Try it and let me know how it helped you out. 


Where there is only one climate in Singapore, being well dress is easy.

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“Every few years I like picking a uniform so I won’t have to think too much about what to wear,” - Billionaire investor, Chris Sacca - early investor of Twitter, Uber and Instagram

Sacca adds that people spend "more energy" thinking "‘What should I be wearing?’ rather than about more substantive important things.”

Being well dressed is important, especially if you're not a billionaire like Sacca

The whole point here is to share simple principals so you do not waste time being well dressed, allowing you to focus on your goals and leading an optimized CustomMade lifestyle while looking sharp. 

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