The Only 3 Types of Casual Men's Dress Attire For Singapore

When it comes to dressing well, the function is important.

This means
1. What is the occasion?
2. Where are you going?
3. Who are you meeting?

There are 6 main dress code that covers basically every function you’ll ever need.

I would recommend having a few go-to outfits in mind for these dress code that works for you.

  1. Social Casual Dress Code

This dress code is like 70% of your casual wear. Which means you’ll use this attire most.

It makes sense to invest a bit more time/money in this.

What occasion?

This usually means a

  1. meet up/meal with your close friends,

  2. a weekend out with your wife/girlfriend/friends

  3. a family gathering.

Where are you going?

Could be anywhere from

  1. a cafe,

  2. casual dining restaurant to

  3. kopitiams

  4. Just walking around shopping malls in the heartland

Who are you meeting?

  1. Family

  2. Close friends

  3. Casual weekend with your wife/girlfriend

Outfit Inspiration

You want to think casual, comfortable yet stylish.


  1. T-shirts

  2. Polo-T

  3. Button up shirts


  1. shorts

  2. jeans

  3. chinos


  1. Slippers

  2. Slip-ons - loafers, boat shoes, etc

  3. Sneakers

From the examples below, you can see T-shirt and shorts are the staple for a social casual outfit.

So make sure they FIT WELL.

Also, play the color combinations right.

We’ll create a few follow up articles on some easy color combinations that will always work.

Lastly, invest in some comfortable shoes. Be it sneakers or a nice slip on.

2. Social Smart Dress Code

This is 20% of your dress code, depending on how smart you usually like to dress.

If in general, you prefer to dress it up, then this could be 80% of your dress code.

Social Smart is similar to Social Casual but you take things up one notch.

Perhaps a smart leather shoe instead of sneakers or slippers,

or a button up shirt instead of T-shirt

Or a pair of chinos instead of shorts.

Its more about taking one article of clothing and just taking it up a notch.

What occasion?

  1. Meeting with friends you haven’t met in a while

  2. Events like musical, opening ceremony, etc

  3. Meeting your wife/your mutual friends for lunch/dinner or their kid’s birthday party

  4. Family occasions like Chinese new year, birthday parties, gathering

  5. Weekend with your wife after she complains multiple times you dress like an Uncle all the time

  6. Drinks with your friends

Where are you going?

  1. a cafe

  2. casual dinning restaurant

  3. Shopping malls in Town where people tend to dress better

  4. Clarke Quay in the evening for drinks.

Who are you meeting?

  1. Family

  2. Friends that you haven’t met in a while

  3. Mutual friends of your wife and you

  4. New people

Outfit Inspiration


  1. Long sleeve t-shirt

  2. Polo T-shirt

  3. Button up shirt

  4. Sports jacket


  1. Shorts

  2. Jeans

  3. Chinos


  1. Slip ons

  2. Sneakers

  3. Leather shoes

Its not that you cant wear a pair of shorts or t-shirt. You can do that but make sure the rest of the outfit is dressed up.

For example, if you were to wear shorts, perhaps wear a button up shirt instead of t-shirt.

If you were to wear t-shirt, wear a leather dress shoe.

That way, you look social smart! It’s pretty simple.

3. Social Formal Dress Code

This is 10% of your social dress wear attire.

You most likely only use this on one off speical occasions.

Think of this as your wedding or fine dining attire.

What occasion?

  1. Wedding

  2. Fine Dining

  3. Etc

Where are you going?

  1. Atas fine dining restuarants

  2. Esplanade for any event

Who are you meeting?

  1. It’s an occasion so most likely new people

Outfit inspirations


  1. At least a button up shirt

  2. Jacket is a plus


  1. Chinos

  2. Tailored pants


  1. Leather dress shoes

It is important to have one set of outfit for a social formal event

so you don’t have to think too much when you have to attend such event.

Just put on your go to attire.

Check out some inspiration below. Find one you like and make it your own.

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