What is Minimalist Style And Why It is the Best For Singapore Men

It can get frustrating trying to mix pattern, colors and layers into your outfit.

And for most guys, they do not have a single clue.

Personally, i’m a huge fan of the jeans with

  1. a basic white t-shirt or oxford shirt,

  2. worn with a rugged leather boots or more sophisticated suede loafers.


Its a classic thoughtful outfit that works together amazingly.

What about the regular joe who wants to look well dressed and intentional

BUT cannot spare the brain power to figure out which pattern goes with which texture.

Simple. Use a Minimalist style.

In this article, i’ll explain the

  1. Basics of the minimalist style and

  2. Why this is the perfect style for men in Singapore


What is the minimalist style

To some people, the term “minimalist” can carry about a more zen or pretentious air.

Like the hippie who always wear his torn out ragged t-shirt.

In practice, minimalist style means:

  1. basic colors - think of plain white, navy, blue, khakis, etc

  2. high quality materials

  3. extremely good fit

  4. sparse use of patterns or large logos

  5. reserved but intentional and functional aesthetics.

Come to think of it, isnt that what most regular dudes are striving for when it comes to style?



Why it is best for Singapore men

  1. Perfect for a warm climate like Singapore

By having less layers, it makes sure you don’t break into a bucket of sweat every time you step out into the streets.

You can show up at a social occasion with just a well fitting t-shirt/polo t and jeans with a leather boots or loafers and still look well dressed.

You do not need to layer clothing after clothing to be well dressed.

That does not mean you don’t put on a jacket.

You can still put one on like a basic linen jacket which looks great,

And more importantly, it is cooling enough to pull off in a warm weather.

2. Minimalist style requires less effort but still looks stylish

As men in Singapore, we get our fair share of criticism when it comes to our fashion sense.

Especially from our female counterpart.

One popular criticism being “most singaporean men DGAF about dressing up”

Well…you can DGAF and still look stylish

This is because you strip your style down to just basic essentials.

  1. Basic top

  2. Basic pants

  3. Shoes

  4. Jacket/cardigan, etc (optional layer)

You can never go wrong with well fitting basics.

By using mainly basic essential and more well chosen outfits, you don’t have to give much thought and still look well dressed.

3. Minimalist Style is More Dressy

Using basic essentials does not mean cheap or casual.

There are high end brands with basic essential styles like Common Projects and more mass affordable brands like Uniqlo.

The difference between casual and minimalist is the intention and more importantly, the fit.

Your outfit must fit you extremely well.

Hence, by carefully picking your outfit, it conveys intention and can even look more dressy,

even if its a button up white oxford with a chinos and a leather shoe.

See examples below. They are all basic essentials but the outfit still looks dressy and well dressed.


The criticism of Minimalist Style

As with everything, wearing just the basic essentials is not without criticism.

Some say dress minimalist is easy, black t-shirt, jeans and shoes.

But they are missing the whole point. It being easy is why it is a great style!

A more valid criticism would be the lack of anything unique, flashy or personality.

That is true to a greater extent.

So the key to that is to break the rule of minimalist style.

That is to have one article of clothing stand out or showcase your personality.

My recommendation would be accessories or shoes.

Wear a bright burgundy shoe with your dark basic navy pants.

Or wear some blink blink necklace with your basic white t-shirt.

That gives you the freedom to add some personality to your overall minimalist style.




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