Quality Custom Shoes, truly Affordable price

from $250 onwards

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Our Fitting Process

Get fitted in 15 mins

We offer a wide range of sizes, templates and even added fit customization. 

Walk comfortably with better fitting shoes.  Find out more about our process.


Our Story of custommade

CustomMade is a bootstrapped start up with the mission to personalize shoe shopping for men at an affordable price. 

Find out how we started CustomMade, our value and the stories behind out team! 



The custom made journey

Our Blog with useful content on shoes, dressing well and our journey in starting custom made!

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3 important Points When Shopping For a Quality Leather Shoes In Singapore.

Shoe shopping can be confusing. Fret not, just take note of these 3 points. 

  1. Style, Design, Color
  2. Construction
  3. Leather Quality 

Donovan's Custom Made Journey

Find out how it all got started! The origins of CustomMade. 

How i came up with the idea, how an innocent trip to Vietnam changed it all

And how i got my first pair of custom shoes! 



3 Key Principles To Be a WEll Dressed Man in Singapore

in 95% of social situations, the well dressed man reigns king. Take note of these 3 points: 

  1. Fit is King
  2. Match your Colors
  3. It's the Whole Package