1.) Where is your leather from? 

CustomMade Shoe upper and inner lining leather is imported from the US and processed at a tannery in Vietnam.

We only use top quality full grain cowhide leather to construct our shoes.  Each cowhide leather is put through extensive quality control tests before being cut and sewed for your CustomMade shoe.

CustomMade Shoe’s leather sole is outsourced and imported from Italy. It is of premium grade leather and construction. 

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2.)   Is it possible to add extra height to the heels?

No. I'm afraid that we do not offer any customization to the heel height. It is fixed at 3cm which is similar to most men dress shoes. 

3.)    What is the extent of design customization?

CustomMade offers a wide range of customizable options.

The 4 primary options are styles, colours, toe shape and designs.


There are only 3 styles available, Oxfords, Derbys and Monks (Single & Double). We will be adding the loafer style soon!

Toe Shape.

We currently offer 3 different last with different toe shape. 

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The full grain leather colors available are black, dark brown, medium brown, dark tan, tan and pale red. 

Design Features

There are three main areas you can design. The front, middle and back of your shoe. Each area comes with different customizable options and you can mix and match these option to form your very own shoe. 

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4.) What are the payment methods available for me? 

At the moment, we only accept cash or bank transfer. We will be accepting credit card payment very soon. 

5.) How do you actually customize the shoes

There are two steps to customizing your CustomMade shoes. Firstly, it will be the best fit last in which we will fit your feet to our inventory of last. Secondly, once we confirm your best fit last, you are free to design your style, colour and design features from our wide range of customizable features.

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