3 steps for men leather Shoe Care in singapore


Men formal leather shoes in Singapore are a crucial detail in your overall formal office appeal. 

Leather shoes requires care. Period. 

Don't expect your shoes to last more than a year if you don't take care of it. It might...but don't expect it. 

Especially if you're shelving out more than $250 for your pair of shoes....you gotta at least maintain it. 

This guide is for lazy men who just want to spend 10 mins every 2 weeks to maintain their shoes.

Yes, its that easy.... 

The 3 essential leather shoe care steps

These are the only three easy tips you need to maintain your men formal leather business shoes. 

  1. Resting your shoes by alternating between 2 or more shoes
  2. Use a shoe tree 
  3. Polish your shoe with a basic leather shoe cream

1.) Alternate between 2 shoes - resting your leather shoes

You do not wear the same shirt or socks everyday,

So the same principal should apply for your shoes. 

Your feet sweat just as much as every other part of your body, maybe more.  

Especially in a warm climate in Singapore where you have to do a lot of walking. 


Your shoes will soak up all the sweat your feet gives off. 

Your sweat in your shoes will not have ample time to air out and dry, causing it to smell

And it will also corrode the leather of your shoes.

This is the most important step to making your shoe last. 

Make sure you give your shoes enough time to air and rest if you want them to last

CONCLUSION: If you rest your shoes, it is going to extend your shoe life by that much longer


2.) Use a shoe tree when you are not wearing your shoes


Now, there is a lot of debate surrounding the question whether you need a shoe tree or not.... 

This really depends on the kind of shoes that you wear.

If your formal leather shoes cost less than $150, then you most certainly don’t need a shoe tree.

If you have invested up to $250 or more, then you should consider getting a shoe tree the same day you buy your shoes.

They are no longer just an accessory – they are now a part of your shoes. 



Cedar wood shoe trees are the best kind but they are relatively pricey compared to the plastic ones. 

A typical plastic shoe tree would be $10 to 25 while a cedar wood one would be from $40 (cheaper grade) to $75



The key advantage of using a cedar wood shoe tree is: 

1.) Cedar wood would wick moisture from your shoes and prevent your sweat from corroding the leather. Plastic would not do this.

2.) Shoe tree would help maintain the shape of your shoe and alleviate the creases.  

In my opinion, a plastic shoe tree does not really extend your shoe life but rather just maintain the shape. 


CONCLUSION: If your shoes are more than $250, you should consider getting a cedar wood shoe tree


CustomMade's Shoe Tree Offer For our Customers

Wren Shoe Care (1).png

Wren's Cedar Wood Shoe Tree would be at $55 for our customers. (U.P $65 at Takashimaya, Tangs, Etc)

While stocks last. 


3.) weekly Basic Shoe Cream MAINTENANCE

You are definitely going to scuff your shoes.

Doesnt matter how expensive your shoes are...there is no such thing as a scuff free shoe. 

Its knowing how to clean and maintain them that is more important. 



Shoe cleaning isn't just to make your shoes last, but also to make it look good

There are a few functions of shoe cream in men leather shoe maintenance. 

  1. Cleaning of the leather - Removing debris and dirt 
  2. Protection and nourishment - Condition the leather and gives it anti-stain property
  3. Sheen and Shine - Give it a slight shine
  4. Mirror Polish (Optional) - for mirror shine. 

Using special leather maintenance products, you should be able to retain the shine and color in your shoes for a long time coming.


leather Shoe Care products

I'll make this simple. You just need 2 products: 


This is for protection, conditioning, nourishment and minor sheen for your shoes. 

So do get a cream that does all these functions.

If not, you need different creams which means you need to polish multiple layers. 

Do note to get the right shade of color if your shoes are not black. If not, it would discolor your shoes. 

Please do not use KIWI if your shoes cost more than $250.

There is a reason why KIWI cost only 60 cents at the SAF E-mart,

it would clog the leather pore when you over use it.



This is for application of the cream. Get a microfiber cloth as it would not absorb the cream. 

And that's it. 


CustomMade's Shoe Care Offer For Our Customers

Wren Shoe Care.png

We distribute Wren's shoe care cream (images below).

Wren is a high end shoe care accessories brand, similar or above Saphir. It has been in the market since 1889, more than 100 years of history. 

In terms of value, quality and pricing, we would definitely recommend Wrens. 

For our customers. our set of a cream and a polishing cloth is at $20 (U.P: $28)

We customize the color of the cream to our shoe color, so don't worry about discoloration 

Basic shoe care kit for protection, restoration, nourishment and sheen.

Basic shoe care kit for protection, restoration, nourishment and sheen.

Polishing cloth to evenly buff and polish your shoes

Polishing cloth to evenly buff and polish your shoes

Horse hair Dauber brush for hard to reach areas in the shoe

Horse hair Dauber brush for hard to reach areas in the shoe


Shoe Cleaning Process

The instruction manual is from our partner, Wrens. 

prepguide (1).png
The lotion is optional as the cream does the function of the lotion already but if you want additional nourishment, the lotion would be perfect! 

The lotion is optional as the cream does the function of the lotion already but if you want additional nourishment, the lotion would be perfect! 




Men formal leather dress shoes in Singapore is capable of bringing the sharpest of looks,

but you have to know that they require thorough care in order to look good and last

While great looking shoes are going to make an impression,

bad looking ones are going to make an even stronger one.  

So it is crucial to care for your shoes especially after you invest more than $250 in them.