Quality Custom Shoes, truly Affordable Price.

From $250 

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Step 1: Design Your Perfect Shoe

  1. Easily pick from our 20 shoe designs

  2. Choose from our 7 colors 

  3. Choose your medallion toe (or not) 

  4. Choose your sole color - brown or black


Step 2: Get fitted in 15 mins

Our CM fitting process finds your perfect size and fit in 15 mins! 

We offer a wide range of sizing/width with our shoe fit template. 

We even further customize the templates to create a better fit if needed.  

Our fitting experts would measure your feet and recommend you the best size. 

Sit back and just let us guide you through the quick fitting process. 


step 3: Collect your handcrafted shoes in 6 weeks

No sweatshops, No cold mass production factory lines. 

Unlike the cold mechanical factory line producing mass produced shoes,

Our shoes are handcrafted by a team of passionate craftsmen. 

From cutting to stitching to dyeing, more than 3 craftmen are involved in the construction of each CustomMade shoe

We aim to breathe life and stories into our shoes


The Custommade experience

5 reasons to choose us!


  Personalized and easy experience

We have a wide range of colors and designs for you to choose from!

And a personalized fitting process.

No more spending hours shopping around for a pair of shoes trying to find your perfect size or design

Experience guided and personal attention each step of the process to help you find THAT shoe in less than 30 mins. 


look better with genuine FULL GRAIN LEATHER 

Using only genuine full grain leather for our uppers, soles and lining, experience maximum breathability for your feet, keeping it cool in a climate like Singapore. 

Additionally, full grain leather over time would mold to the contours of your feet, giving you a truly customized comfort and fit.   



With over 20 styles and 8 colors, find your perfect shoe easily

From Oxfords, Wholecuts, Adelaide, Derbys, Monkstraps - Single & Double.

Clean classic looks to full brogues.

From black to four different shades of brown to burgundy colors,  It is a one stop shopping experience.  



Go about your days and weeks without worrying about your shoes breaking down.

No cemented/glued construction that breaks down after a heavy downpour.

Hand stitched with 360° Blake stitching, CustomMade dress shoes soles are cemented and stitched firmly to the upper,

offering a durable construction that doesn't split easily.  


walk Comfortably with a more customized fit

CustomMade has sizes from EU 36 to 48 

For each size, we have three different shoe last (templates).

We even do standard customization on our shoe templates to fit you better. 

Just sit back, relax and let us handle the fitting. 


make an appointment (<30 mins)

nothing beats checking out our designs, colors and quality in person. No obligations. 

we're located at 82 telok ayer st, #02-04 (CBD)

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Our Fitting Process

Get fitted in 15 mins

We offer a wide range of sizes, templates and even added fit customization. 

Walk comfortably with better fitting shoes.  Find out more about our process.


Stories Of Us

CustomMade is a bootstrapped start up with the mission to personalize shoe shopping for men at an affordable price. 

Find out how we started CustomMade, our value and the stories behind out team! 


Gallery of our shoes

CustomMade shoes in the wild. 

A gallery of images of our finished shoes, professional and amateur.

Behind the scenes of some of our events, customers and our team at CustomMade.


HP: +65 8717 0179 (Don)

Email: don@custommade.com.sg (Don) 


Weekdays: Noon to 730pm (last appt) 

We welcome walk ins on weekdays! do give us a heads up first though. 
Weekends: By appointment onlys. 


82 TELOK AYER ST, #02-04, S048467

Please enter from stairs 94 (NOT 82) - beside an Indonesia restaurant

Exit from Telok Ayer MRT Exit B. You'll see UP Fitness to your right
and a street of restaurants across the road on your left

Cross the road and locate the door beside Ying Fo Fui Kun, a Chinese National Moument. (on the left of the door) 
Restaurants on the right: Dong Fang Hong, a Chinese restaurant and PAGI SORE, an Indian restaurant. 

Click here for more detailed directions



  1. Raffles Place MRT (10 mins walk) 
  2. Telok Ayer MRT (2 mins walk)