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The UNO collection


Imagine wearing a pair of shoes and feeling confident. and
People notice that subtle air of assurance.

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uno is our flagship limited edition luxury
patina loafers

UNO is meant to be the first of its kind.

And also the last.

Each Patine collection once made would not be relaunched again.

UNO is made with full grain calf crust leather with embossed alligator skin.
Imported from the renowned Italian tannery, The ilcea.

Each UNO shoe is painstakingly hand painted to produce 5 beautiful and unique colors.

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Our Italian leather outsole features a slim bevel waist and a clean close channel look.

Perhaps the most striking feature of our outsole is our Red hand patina color.
Meant to exude a subtle grandeur.

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Each UNO shoe is made to be complimented by our matching belt, UMBRE.

Uno is Available at only $399.

Umbre Belt at only $149


introducing our first Luxury hand Patina Series

The UNO, Dress penny Loafers

available in 5 unique hand painted colors




 Technical Specifications

The details of each uno dress loafer



Full grain calf crust leather from renowned Italian tannery, The ilcea.


Italian full leather outsole with a hand crafted closed channel bevelled waist


Full velvet suede leather lining


Hand Stitched Blake Mckay Construction

Shoe last

ARTHUR last, a Chisel shape loafers last.




Pre-orders have ended!

Thank you for all your support!

If you miss our pre-orders, you can still get them once production is done at the end of Aug!

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our promise


We have been in business for more than 4 years.

We have made thousands of dress shoes and we know what quality means. More importantly, we can deliver on that promise.

The most premium materials, together with the best craftsman.


We deliver your shoes straight from the artisans’ hands to yours. No agents, retailers or middle man.

The materials and workmanship we deliver, at this price is unparalleled.

An $800 luxury shoe at $399. ($299 if you pre-order)

Retail Experience

Unlike other online brands, we have a showroom at 101 telok ayer.

You can experience your UNO loafers and check out the quality, colors and sizing in person.


We will deliver your shoes by the end of August.

As each shoe is made and patina from hand, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for production.

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