at custommade, you don't need to understand shoe fit, because we do

80% of men wear shoes the wrong size. 60% of men have different size feet. 

Most men that swing by our showroom don't even know the size of their feet....much less have an actual measurement taken. 

Our CM fitting process would find the right fit for you in 15 mins. 

All you have to do is to sit back, relax and have your feet ready. We'll guide you through the whole process. 

The CustomMade Fitting Process



What is a shoe last?

A shoe last is the template that shoes are crafted on. (The wooden shoe shape mold on the right) 

It is the most important part of the shoe making process. 

The shoe last determines the

  1. Fitting of the shoe
  2. Shape of the shoe

This means shoes made from different shoe last would have different fitting (template), even though they are the same size. 

CustomMade has three different shoe last. This means three different fitting template for each size. 

Best Fit Last.jpg

For Example

There is 3 shoe last (template),  A, B and C. (lets use the term "template" for last since its easier to understand) 

You are a Eur size 42. 

Shoe template A in Eur 42 would fit differently compared to Shoe template B in size 42 and  shoe template C. 

Template A might fit a little more relaxed, while B might be a little snug and C would be somewhere in between. 

Even though they are all the same size. 

The Benefits of Having More Templates

Unlike ready made shoes, if Eur 42 is too tight, you upsize to Eur 43, which then might be too loose....

Having more template options means you can have a more customized and comfortable shoe fit. 

The key is about finding the right template, best fit template (last) 

And our CM fitting process is about guiding you to find that very best fit. 

Really, it's a lot easier than it sounds...we just need less than 15 mins. 

Add Customization Fit.png

Added Customization fitting

On top of offering more templates compared to off the shelves shoe,

we do offer a standard amendment to our shoe template, in case you do not fit into any of the templates.. 

There are 5 common areas that most people will have fitting issues, 

1 & 3: Width
2. Big Toe
4: Pinky Toe
5: Instep

We would add standard volume to either of these areas, depending on which area you find tight. 

This provides a more customized fitting. 




Our Shoe last (template)



Characterized by its sharp chisel shape. 

Sleek and trendy

It has a narrow fit. Meant for men with narrow feet. 



Characterized by its smart round shape

Timeless and classic. Our most popular shoe last

It has a well balanced fit. Meant for men with regular width




Characterized by its soft chisel shape

Exquisite and modern

It has a well balanced fit. Meant for men with regular to slightly wide width. 

Frequently Asked Questions


1.) How is this CustomMade if you do not fully customize the shoe last to my feet?

I believe you got it mistaken with bespoke shoes.

Bespoke shoes either create a new shoe last or amend an existing lasts especially for you (semi-bespoke).

This involves making an intermediate trial shoe, before constructing the actual shoe. It is a lengthy process, with some brands even taking up to a year of waiting time. 

This is also why bespoke services can cost up to the thousands.

As the shoe last is the most costly and time consuming part of shoe making. 

We cannot offer a bespoke service at $250, but we can do the next best thing.

Instead, we offer a wider range of shoe template/size and guide you to find the best one. 

We'll even make a few standard amendments to the shoe template for you (if needed) . 

This way, you do not have to pay for the high cost of creating a bespoke last just for you,

But still enjoy a more customized fitting. 


2.) If you do not create a custom shoe last, what is the advantage of The CM fitting Process?

The CM fitting process is a custom fitting process designed to find the perfect fit for you from our wide range of sizes and shoe templates. 

It is about finding the RIGHT size and template for you from our wide range of sizes and template.

Rather than creating a bespoke template (which is expensive and lengthy)

From fitting more than 1000 pairs of feet, we have developed fitting tests to determine “what is a good fit”. 

We offer personalized fitting advice from our fitting expert,

compared to sales assistant in departmental stores/big brands that would not be as knowledgeable as our experts.

Also, we have a wide range of sizes and fitting (snug and relaxed fit), compared to mass produced shoes, which usually comes in standard size and width.

Furthermore, we do allow standard customization to our shoe template in case none fits! 

In short, just chill out, hang back and let us guide you through the whole process! It’s a lot easier than explained.

3.) What sizes do you carry?

We carry sizes from US 5 to 14.

And we do not ever run out of sizes.

4.) What if i have feet conditions like flat foot so i have my own custom insoles? 

Firstly, our shoes are not medical in nature. 

If you have feet conditions, our shoes are not meant to cure your condition.

They will provide a better fitting, which MAY alleviate your condition but they are not a substitute for an actual medical solution.  

Secondly, with regards to insoles, our shoes are not made with your own orthopedic insoles in mind. 

This means our shoe template does not accommodate your insoles. 

So you will not get a good or perfect fit because they are not made to have your insoles in them. 

However, you might get a better fit with us compared to elsewhere!

You're always more than welcome to swing by to try them out. 

4.) What if my shoe does not fit well when I collect them?

Gasps! Oh no. While it is very unlikely to happen, we do understand your concern and entertain such a possibility.

Our sizing is based on standard shoe template that you can try out with our fitting shoes.  The construction of the shoe would be done on the same template as the fitting shoes so the sizing would be identical.

If the fitting from our fitting shoe and your finished shoe differ significantly, we would happily remake a brand new pair for you on top of our complementary shoe care kit to compensate for our mistake.

However, if there is no significant difference, this means that you made the choice of that size/fit based on our fitting shoes and we will not offer a remake.

That being said, there are still solutions that we will offer to help you out! After all, we strive to give you the best shopping experience you can find!


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