Each CustomMade shoe is handmade from scratch and stitched by a team of experienced cobblers with over 16 years of experience. 

Durable Blake Welting Construction and Made with Genuine Cowhide Leather for Uppers, Linings & Soles. 

Step 1

Based on the style/design/shape of the shoe you selected, the pattern/template are designed and made exclusively according to your shoe. The designing is done by hand by our design specialist.

Step 2

Using the carefully crafted design template, the leather upper is cut by hand and the relevant stitches/brogues are performed according to the template on the leather by the design specialist. 

Step 3

The various different leather are then stitched together to form the leather upper by a stitching specialist. 

Step 4

The best-matched last is then selected according to the shoe shape and the size of your feet. A foam cushion is added and hammered to the last to provide additional shock absorption for your CustomMade shoe.

The last is then polished and smoothed to give the optimum shape and foundation for your CustomMade shoe.

Step 5

The leather upper will then be pulled over the last and nailed. This is to ensure that the leather upper is taut around the last to give each CustomMade shoe the perfect shape.

This is done by our shoe last specialist who will ensure that the upper leather is centered, taut and stitched properly. 

Step 6

Our CustomMade leather soles and heels are made and smoothed out separately, depending on your customization. E.g You ordered a shoe with a black sole with dark brown heels, we will then dye the leather sole black and the heels dark brown. 

Step 7

Once your CustomMade leather soles and heels are customized, it will be glued and Blake stitched to the leather upper from step 4 by our stitching specialist.

Step 8

With the leather upper and sole stitched together, your CustomMade shoe is almost done. We are left with the finishing touches. 

The edges of your soles will then be polished and smoothed, using a machine. This is done by a finishing specialist. This is where you can customized your edge of the sole to be large, normal or sleek and the height of your heels. 

Step 9

The last will be kept in the shoe for at least 2 to 3 days to allow the shoe to "rest". This is to give each CustomMade shoe the durability in maintaining the perfect shape and structure.

Removing the last too early will give the shoe poor structure and thus, forming creases easily and poor durability. 

Fotor 2.jpg

Step 10

After 2 days, the last is removed from the shoe. The leather insole and shoe laces are inserted, followed by a finishing hand-polish, clean and trim to each CustomMade shoe to achieve the perfect look.

The shoe will then be boxed and shipped to your waiting feet! 

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